Zoom Mobile is No Ordinary Cell Phone Company

If you are a person researching Zoom Mobile on the internet, you may have come across a number of articles or videos addressing the question, “Is Zoom Mobile a scam?” I just may be wrong, but I would guess that everyone of these has been created by a Zoom Mobile representative. I am no different. I am a customer and consultant for Zoom Mobile. I want to be up front with that.

However, I am a life-long network and online marketer and have been asked that question about dozens of companies. It is a legitimate questions. Especially since Zoom Mobile is a very new company. A number of so-called experts, who themselves are likely representatives for a network marketing company, advise that budding entrepreneurs steer clear of any company less than 10 years old. Could you imagine if enrollees for long established companies had taken this tack years ago. “I’m sorry Mr. DeVos. AmWay is too new and no one has ever heard of the company.” “I’m sorry Mr. Gates. Computers are too expensive and no one will ever buy your software.”

My grandfather founded one of the largest refrigeration companies in Kansas City, Missouri. He took a huge risk for his family out of desire but mostly necessity. America was built on free enterprise and entrepreneurial spirit. Any new company is a risk. Getting in when a company is new is the riskiest, but has the greatest rewards. So, if you need to play it safe, keep your job. Any business, including network marketing companies like Zoom Mobile, are hard work. Don’t let anyone tell you different. However, the rewards are huge!

If you are looking for a great ground floor opportunity, I believe Zoom Mobile is it. The company has solid leadership headed by its Chief Executive Officer George Burton. Mr. Burton sought out the largest network marketing legal minds to form the company and build the compensation plan. A plan which is based on solid, in demand, products and services. Nearly every human being on the planet has a cell phone. From toddlers to Zimbabwe warriors, everyone has a cell phone. Cell phones are no longer a extravagance. They have become our life line to our world. The connection to loved ones to colleagues.

Further, Zoom Mobile is no ordinary cellular phone company. There were glitches as first. All new companies and most existing companies have them. However, Mr. Burton has proven his leadership. He sees what works, what doesn’t, and makes changes. I have my phone. I love it. I dumped my old company in a matter of weeks. Why? Because my service cost me less. My phone works. And, the support team is responsive. Even as a customer I can receive my service for free, just by referring three others to get and maintain service.

It’s also the only company to ever really give me choices. If I want to be on a CDMA network (ala Sprint or Verizon), no problem. If I want to be on a GSM network (AT&T and T-Mobile), no problem. In some cases, if my phone is compatible, I can use my existing phone. There is no need to buy, unless I actually want a new phone.

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