Nokia E71 Cell Phone Review

Nokia E71 cell phone I think one of the best Smartphones in the market today.  I had an iPhone before but after 3 weeks of using it and trying to learn the screen keypad, I decided to give it to my niece and buy a new phone.  I switched back to Nokia because except for the iPhone, I never had any other brand of cell phones before.  It was always Nokia.

At first, I find it hard to use the phone because of the keypad.  It used the QWERTY keypad which makes it appear like a very small computer.  After a day of using it, I felt comfortable with it already.  Since the keypad is pretty much the same as that of my laptop, adjusting did not take a long time.  I notice that I can type sentences faster with this keypad than the virtual keypads or the usual multiple letter key.

It has everything that I need for work when I am out of office or while I’m mobile.  It supports Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  It can even download these files and PDF files.  When there’s something that came up in the office, I don’t need to rush back to the office or go home or find a computer shop to work.  All I need is my Nokia E71. As a cell phone, it has a good signal and the voice quality is very clear.  I was in New York and I was talking to my Mom who was in California and her voice was crystal clear.  I never experienced choppy voice calls with this phone.  The battery also lasts longer than my previous phones.  I only need to charge it for a short time and the battery lasts for a couple of days already.

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