Nokia E63-2 Cell Phone Review

Nokia E63-2 cell phone is one-of-a-kind locked Smartphone.  So far, it has been one of the best cell phones I have ever used.  The design is sleek and professional-looking even if they come in bright colors red and blue.  It is small and thin but is feels good in the hand.  If you’re using the keypad, you will not feel like the phone will fall off your hand or you’re putting your hand and fingers in odd position.

The QWERTY pad is a bit difficult to learn at first.  I was used to having the 3 letters on 1 key and pressing the key multiple times to use one letter.  It doesn’t take a long time to get used to the QWERTY pad though.  In a few days of using it, I feel very comfortable with the keypad already and I can type long sentences in a few seconds.  I kinda like it better than the multiple letter keys.  I don’t think I’ll go back to that keypad.

A few things that I hope future upgrades can add are buttons for the camera and the volume control.  Most of the cell phones that come out in the market have this short-cut buttons.  When I use this, I need to go to the menu first and then find the camera option.  It’s the same with the volume control.  While I’m in the middle of conversation, I need to hold the conversation to adjust the volume. I use this phone to check my mails and send e-mails.  I like that I am always connected when I bring this phone with me.  With the QWERTY keypad, I feel that I have a very small laptop with me that I can access every time.

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