How to Choose Your Prepaid Cell Phone Company

Today there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of cell phones, call plans and providers to choose from. There are many ways in which you can save money when it comes to buying a new cell phone. This all depends on your needs: what kind of phone you want, how much you have available to spend, and how many calls you are likely to use. Not only this, but your choice of cell phone provider will also depend on where you live. Here is a quick guide to making sense of all these choices.

Type Of Phone

As you begin your search for a new cell phone you will see that there are many makes and models available. The phone that you choose will depend specifically upon whether you want your phone to be practical or stylish. Do you need it to be able to connect to the internet, to play music, or to take photographs? If you just want a basic phone you may be able to save money, but if you need all the bells and whistles you should expect to spend a little more. Bear in mind that different service providers will also have different phones available.

Think About Your Budget

If you are trying to save money then prepaid plans are always the best option, due to the fact that you can only make as many calls as you have paid for upfront. Traditional contract phones often left people with huge bills each month after accidentally using too many minutes, but this can never happen in the case of prepaid plans.

When choosing a prepaid plan you will always be able to dictate exactly how much you want to spend each month, meaning that you can keep track of how much each call costs and never receive any monthly bills.

Available Plans

Once you have chosen a few phones that you like the look of, you should make sure that they all offer prepaid (pay as you go) plans. These are plans that let you pay in advance and do not require any form of contract to use. Start looking specifically at the different prepaid plans that are available. This will include many different service providers, and comparing factors such as local call costs, the cost of sending and receiving text messages, and roaming charges (which may often be charged at extra cost).

Do A Little Research

In order to compare your options easily you can either go to a store that sells various different cell phone provider plans, or visit a specific phone plan comparison website. These are becoming more common these days, making choosing your new phone much easier. You simply type in a few details and you will be able to see your various options laid out side by side.


If you are overwhelmed at all the options available when it comes to choosing a prepaid cell phone then don’t panic! Many store assistants will be more than willing to let you know exactly how each plan works, as well as giving you a rundown of the features on the phones available.

Take your time to choose a plan that will serve your specific needs well. Once you have, you should be able to top up your phone using cash or a credit card, and at various different locations in your local area. This can be done whenever you want, and you will never be tied down to a plan since there is not contract involved.

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