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There was this survey conducted in the United States of America that said that 92.45% of Americans have cell phones and kids as young as 7 years old have mobile phones as well. Most parents actually approve of this these days because of convenience; they say. But do we even known how cell phones came to be?

Let us trace the vast beginnings of the cell phone. The first model ever to be approved for selling in the USA was the Motorola Dynatac. It got its license from the Federal Communications Commission way way way back in the 1983. It actually weighed around a pound and was very bulky. It wasn’t the normal mobile phone. And guess what? It costs around $500! Do remember that that was the 1983, where a dollar could be used to buy tons of things compared to these days.

After a year of the first ever mobile phone another one from Motorola was invented. It was the Dynatec Model 8000X. Guess how much it costs? 500$? 1000? 1600$? Not even close! It amounted to $4000! WHOA! That’s huge money dude! After some time (maybe five to ten years) or during the early 90s the mobile networks had a million subscribers. I’m guessing that a phone like a budget fone around $200 was released during those years. The technology started when Motorola released its line of Microtac Lite which was less bulky and more usable. Do you want to guess how much it cost people to buy the phone? Hmmmm, it “ONLY” required them to spend a thousand dollars.

I’ve done more research on this topic and guess what I’ve found? AT&T and the ever popular Bell Labs were making several designs for a midtier and market level phone but they were not the ones who were actually able to introduce first. This was weirdly surprising to me as because AT&T only wanted the phone service in the USA (..and that’s what I thought; apparently I was wrong). It was usually Bell who would come up with these new innovations.

Upon continuing my research; I found out that there were some irregularities from the FCC when it came to the issue of license to AT&T. This was so because the main thought of cell phones back then was it was only a radio transmitter and a radio wave receiver; then started the competition of Bell Labs and AT&T regarding the first one to have a license from the FCC and the first one to sell competent mobile phones against Motorola.


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