Different Types of Cheap Mobile Phones

When cell phones were first introduced, buying them was equal to buying a small car. One first had to pay the cost of the device, and then had to look after the costs of the using the service, and of course, keep in mind the accessories that the mobile device would require. However, the change in market trends and the enhancements in technology have changed the scenario, giving us the cheap mobile phones that one can buy at any budget and requirement. However, having a cheap mobile phone does not immediately translate into having the best cell phone. These phones can be distinguished into two types. Here they are:

Budget Phones from Big Brands:

The bigger brands like Nokia, Samsung, Sony and Motorola have understood the vastness of the mobile market, and therefore have been consistently introducing cheap mobile phones, which they call entry level mobile phones. These phones are pretty basic and do not have several features that increase the cost of the cell phone – like the camera, the music player, the GPRS support, the mobile browser etc. some entry level cell phones may even have a black and white screen.

Phones Launched by Lesser Known Companies:

The burgeoning mobile market sees new entrants almost every five years. These new entrants launch cell phones that are quite cheap as compared to the better known companies and their models. These new entrants will have all the features and services that the better known companies offer but at a lower price, simply because they wish to increase their market share.

Difference between Budget Phones and Phones from Lesser Known Companies:

While there might be various differences between a budget phone and phones from lesser known companies like type of material and hardware used to make the devices, production quality control etc, one of the most important difference that you might experience is the after sales service issue. Because a lesser known company might not have as many service stations as the multinationals selling the cell phones, you may find it difficult to find the right service station for you. Also, if you do experience a problem with your mobile and need a service center, you might not be as lucky in looking for a service provider.

The production values of mobile phones launched by the unknown mobile phone manufacturers may not be as good and enhanced as the ones that of the budget phones from better known companies have.

These are the major aspects that differentiate between cheap mobile phones. So, the only aspect that you need to think about is whether you wish to buy a cheap mobile from a better known company with lesser features but better service and resale value, or would you wish to for the phones launched by new companies, that have all the features, but the servicing aspect might be a bit tricky.

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