Cell Phones and the Two Year Contract

Cell phone companies need to change the two year contract agreement to a one year agreement. The government or who ever mandates these companies needs to consider this.

Mobile phones themselves do not last two years. The equipment does not last a full two years. Unless you are one who rarely uses their phone, then it will last the full 2 years. Most people use these devices as the primary phone. House phones are becoming extinct.

Two year contract and expensive cell phones is how the companies are providing cheap monthly rates with unlimited everything. They are making up those charges in the sales of this electronic equipment. This being done through the phones that break prior to the two years and then you have to pay full price for a new phone with no discount or rebate. Rebates and discounts are for those who’s two year contract is up or almost up (within 4 months of contract date with most companies).

Society needs to speak up and start a protest to make these phones to last longer and equipment to be of better quality. They now are basically throw away phones. Society is what has made the cell phone companies so rich, so it should be us that can break them down and give us back better service and better quality equipment.

One should not have to pay $300 for a new phone, get a $150 rebate, and the phone only lasts about a year. Buttons break, sound gets muffled, chargers break or become too loose to stay in the port in order to charge. How many of us have had their chargers not fit tightly in the port on the phone after only a few months? You go to buy a new charger and they have discontinued your phone and all of its accessories? Is that consumer rip off or what! How can a phone that is less than a year old already be discontinued?

Why should U.S. consumers have to go on eBay to look for used parts and chargers for our fairly new cell phone? Oh, you can find any part or accessory you want on eBay. How is that? Is eBay in cahoots with the cell phone companies?

They come out with new phones monthly. So why are we made to sign a two year contract on a phone? This does not make any sense at all and we need to stand up and change how cell phone companies are ripping us off.

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