Cell Phone Companies Are Making a Wireless Directory?

Over the course of the past few years there has been much talk about some of the major cell phone carriers creating a national wireless directory. Many mobile consumers want to know if it is true that such a directory will be created. The answer, which will disappoint those hopeful for this plan and calm the concerns of those opposed to it, is a definite “No”. After years of deliberation, it was eventually decided by the government that there was no way to iron out all of the privacy kinks that could prove to be a potential problem for cellular subscribers listed in the database.

There were a number of problems with what would have been known as the Wireless 411 directory. Two of these issues included:

1 – Risk of increase phone costs to wireless subscribers – Though the directory would have been free to join and leave at any time, anyone who had their information listed in the database was at a risk of receiving unwanted calls they would be charged for. These calls wouldn’t be from telemarketers, as the information would not be for sale or available in print, but anyone who cared to lookup a person would gain access to their number.

Cellular phone users are charged some sort of fee each time they make and receive local or long distance calls or texts. Some users pay for an unlimited calling plan, but the vast majority of users subscribe to plans with a certain number of talking minutes and texts per month, and are charged if they exceed their limit. Additionally, some customers are on a pay-as-you-go plan.

2 – Possibility that not enough consumers would opt-in, making the service useless to many wireless customers -It was estimated that 50% or less of mobile subscribers would be interested in joining the directory, and it would take at least fifty percent of cellular consumers for the database to be useful.


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