Camera Cell Phone Ratings

A report published by market research firms, Jupiter and iProspect, claim that consumers look at online camera cell phone ratings before deciding to purchase. It equates sales figures with popularity of a certain brand or model.

The same report, which was released in January 2007, stated that as much as one out of three people would look at social networking sites in the internet that feature comparisons between different models of certain items.

Amazon, a well-known online store, had the most number of visitors that answered their product ratings survey. A large percentage of the 2223 respondents indicated that their purchasing decisions are largely influenced by Amazon’s catalogue and prices, as well as the site’s camera cell phone ratings.

Camera cell phone ratings are conducted differently by various sites. One form comes from product review websites wherein a few mobile specialists write articles based on the technological merits of a model. Although these appraisals are made through careful analysis and comparative studies, it is improbable that they can cope with the speed of new products continuously emerging in the market.

Another form of rating camera cell phones is through surveys, like the one conducted by Amazon. Visitors to their sites are invited to give their opinions on certain items they are familiar with. Unfortunately, the result of this type of consensus is more or less based on what particular brand is more popularly used. A consumer can only rate one product at a time, one that he or she has used. The basis for a product’s high ranking comes from sales and not from a relative study with other brands with the same specifications.

In order for camera cell phone ratings to be more exact, it should have the qualities of both types of studies. Both surveys and technological reviews have their own merits. By combining the results from consumer popularity and that of the technological virtues of similar products, a more comprehensive study is made. These, of course, have to be done by an independent party that is in no way associated with a mobile device distributor. Else, the study would be influenced by factors such as product sales or ex-deal arrangements with a supplier. Read more about camera cellular phones at

The most popular type of camera cell phone ratings come from sites who conduct surveys on their visitors. Another concern for the type of rankings they feature is the fact that these may be influenced by ongoing advertisements and promos from product distributors. Although they need sponsors for their business to flourish and drive traffic to their sites, any review published by them could be partial to a particular product.

Can you rely on camera cell phone ratings you find online? You are probably safest using the sites which perform their own independent research on consumer products, and provide clear comparisons of the camera cell phones which they reviewed, with their recommendations. Their reputations are at stake; they have the resources to thoroughly test each camera cell phone and will let you know the extent to which they did; and they are not paid by the manufacturers. But you may have to pay a subscription fee to access their most recent ratings.

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