Best Mobile Phone For Yourself


To get the best mobile phone doesn’t mean that you have to buy the most expensive phone in the market. There are lots of mobile phones in the market with different specifications and model that come in different ranges of prices. So, how would you justify the best mobile phone for yourself?

Different people have different views when it comes to the best phone. It all depends on your own needs. Some people might feel that as long as the mobile is able to send out text messages and make a call, it is the best phone for them while some people need additional functions to claim it the best.

You should list down what you really need from a mobile phone. The basic functions include making calls, sending SMS and taking pictures. If you want to make a call, there are two types of functions available today; one is normal call and another type is video call. If you don’t frequently make video calls, 3G phones are not necessary although you might look great carrying a 3G phone around.

There are several types of camera quality which is shown by the value of megapixels. Most of the camera phones have 1.3 megapixels, 2.0 megapixels, 3.2 megapixels and 5 megapixels. The higher the value of megapixels, the better quality of pictures produced. If your hand is shaky while taking pictures, get an auto focus camera. Some phones come with flash for you to take clearer pictures at night or dark places.

After the basic functions, then start to consider additional functions that you need in your daily life. The best mobile phone is simply the phone that serves all your needs and worth the price. You don’t have to show off with an expensive mobile and let people know that’s your best. It would be a waste if you get a great phone but doesn’t know how to use its functions.


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