Accessorize Your Cell Phone

As a cell phone becomes more and more of a must-have, it is also in the eyes of the consumer, not just a communication device but also more and more of an accessory. Many cell phone users are looking to personalize their phones for the look, fun, and even practicality of it. So many personalization products are out there and most people don’t realize they can use their own images and graphics to customize the look of their phone or iPod. Here’s a look at some of the most eye-catching products around:


  • Come in an abundance of colors and designs.
  • Users can pick designs of animals, flowers, sports equipment, and cute sayings among many others.
  • Can also be stones, scented air fresheners, LCD cleaner to use for the phone, picture frames, and jewelry.

An especially useful charm for a cell phone is one that flashes when users miss an incoming call. This eye-catching feature can be helpful for users in a noisy or busy environment who miss hear their phone ring. The charm works by an LED light with a non-replaceable battery. It senses incoming and outgoing signals, flashing a light to let the user know someone called.


  • Besides being used for their appearance, they also protect cell phones against scratches and water damage.
  • Prices can range from $10 to $30, though faceplates with pricy features such as real gemstones can cost as high as a few thousand dollars.

Remember the brand and size of your cell phone when selecting a faceplate as they are not one size fits all. Most carriers including Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, and Nextel make faceplates available to customers. Motorola, for instance, offers cell phone faceplates in a broad array of colors for cell phones. Users who visit the Motorola online store can personalize their own cell phone faceplates. Customers can upload pictures, draw, or choose one of the designed graphics.


  • Covers more areas than a faceplate and comes off easily.
  • Can be applied on the inside and outside of a phone.
  • The cost varies, falling between $10 and $35.

The “skin” is actually a vinyl material that helps protect and can add a fun appearance to cell phones, mobile phones, notebooks, and ipods among other electronics. Like faceplates, these skins can also be designed specific with customers being able to add their own pictures and designs.

More for outside the phone

  • Various stickers are also available for cell phones and customers can choose from hologram stickers and tattoos.
  • Cell phone users can put crystals or “bling” on the outside of their phones to jazz them up.
  • Sony Ericsson has developed a phone that comes with a slot for 11 replaceable scented sheets.

Inside the phone products The inside of the phone can also be personalized and personalizing does not necessarily have to mean more.

  • Jitterbug phones have a very simple look with large buttons as well as bright, easy-to-read screens. In addition to a regular phone, Jitterbug also has their OneTouch emergency phone with three main buttons: one to reach the operator, another for a number the customer can choose, and the third to contact 911.
  • Games such as video poker and solitaire can also be added to cell phones.
  • Wallpaper is also available to put on your phone’s screen and varies from background scenery to sports to cartoons.
  • Cell phone consumers can also buy flashing keyboards in various styles and colors that fit many different brands of cell phones.

Who would have thought so many choices just for a cell phone. Not only are these products fun, they are also useful. Expect even more personalization products for cell phones in the future. With the varied costs and abundant choices, everyone will want to personalize their phone to some extent.

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